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This day was designed with your rest in mind. Come and meet other production directors, worship pastors, and executive leaders. 100% free. Find out more here!

We help churches take the next step,
and if necessary, use technology to do so

Yes – of course – we still are a technology company, and our team pours itself out to do the very best work we know how to for churches all across the country.

However, we understand technology is just a support tool that the local church uses to help make more and better followers of Jesus. We approach every project through the lens of finding the right solution for your church – and sometimes – the solution is not technology related. Thankfully, most churches need technology eventually, and doing projects allows us to keep having more helpful conversations with churches.

Anyone can sell you gear… we are looking for more. We are looking for a partnership, an authentic relationship, an opportunity to come alongside and get to know you and your church. 

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