We partner with churches to create engaging and distraction-free worship and teaching environments. Our team of experts aims to provide you with reliable and volunteer-friendly audio, video, and lighting systems allowing your team to stay focused on what matters most.

Our name ‘Amplio’ means to “come alongside something that is well underway and add to or supplement.” We believe understanding what makes your church unique is essential to truly help you take the next step towards effective growth in your church. Anyone can sell you equipment; we are offering a partnership that holds your church’s best interest above all else.

Since 2013, we have completed audio, video, and lighting design and integration projects for hundreds of churches across the country, regardless of size, style, or denomination. We aspire to leverage our extensive production expertise to help your church find the right solution, for the right budget, eliminate distractions, and help people encounter Jesus.


detailed design

We construct a process to communicate a plan on projects including new construction, renovation, and adaptive/reuse. We understand churches have budget constraints and only one chance to do it right. We want what is best for each church, regardless of manufacturer.

full-scale integration

Our team turns design plans into reality by pulling cable, rigging, commissioning new gear, and much more.

equipment sales

We sell equipment at a great price, often beating web pricing. Additionally, our dedicated staff offers guidance to help churches purchase the equipment that best suits their needs and budget, regardless of the manufacturer or margin.


Included in every project, we teach staff and volunteers how to use the equipment. We also offer this as a standalone service.

Room Shaping

We get involved early in the new construction process to create the optimal worship experience for every seat.


Audio Tuning

We want to ensure you get the most out of what you have by breathing life into tired systems and taking full advantage of new systems.


We craft stage, set, and/or environmental designs to augment the weekend experience. This can be an add-on for design/build projects or a standalone offering.


We intentionally design the physical space to obtain more of what churches want and less of what they do not.

New Construction

Dreaming with a blank canvas is daunting. Where do you even start? When do you talk to an architect or a general contractor? How long will this process take and how do you even plan around something so far in the future?

Churches have unique needs that are often misunderstood or even completely overlooked during the design process. We aim to influence this process, leveraging our team’s experience and understanding of what’s critical for a successful church building project.
Before any of these questions can be answered however, we want to understand you and your church’s vision. This allows us to be your advocate to the design and construction teams and represent your vision for your project even when we’re deep in the details of design and trade coordination.

As we navigate the design process and even through to procurement, integration and the training of your team, we do all of this through the lens of helping your church become more effective in reaching your community.

While churches may only tackle a new construction project once every 10 to 15 years (or maybe never), your needs will change far more often than that. As your church grows, the look and feel of your worship environment either compliments or distracts from your worship gatherings.

Our team can design a system that fits the mission, vision, and culture of your church, providing a base to build upon for years to come. We also know you can’t put weekend services on hold during your upgrade project, so we’ll work closely with your church to develop a schedule and a plan based around having your system operational each weekend.

Renovation & upgrades

Portable church

Your guest experience shouldn’t be compromised simply because you don’t have a permanent building. Whether you are looking to plant a new church or add a campus, we offer customized turn-key solutions for your facility.

Leveraging the experience and expertise of our Amplio Portable team, we partner with each ministry area to create a unified and complete portable system. From an excellent adult worship experience to engaging and fun kids ministry space, welcoming hospitality, clear signage and wayfinding, we walk your team through each detail of creating an excellent worship environment in a portable setting.

We’ve all been there. Sunday comes every 7 days and there’s no margin to have any part of your system functioning in a less-than-optimal way. Our Service & Support team is here to help in those moments (whether we installed it or not).

While we know production systems don’t make a weekend, things not working as planned can certainly leave a lasting impression on a congregation. Let our service & support team be your go-to phone call to solve whatever comes up, leveraging our team of designers, engineers, field technicians, and general tech-nerds to help get you back up and running quickly.


Services & Support

Equipment Sales

There is a lot of competition out there for the bottom line through online resellers who have vast inventories and slick websites. That’s great if you know exactly what you want, but what if you have a question about some widget working with a gizmo? What if you don’t know exactly what the “thing” is you need and you just have a problem you need fixed? What if you want to make sure you’re getting the best value all the while planning for the future? We take our experience doing hundreds of integration projects and apply that to equipment sales to provide you with a competitive solution that meets an immediate need.